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Kommanderís Corner

Comrades and Sisters,

   Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2016 is going well for you so far.
I must begin by apologizing for the tardiness of the newsletter. 2016 began with a flurry of
of activity at Post 3935. The first weekend after New Year's day District 7
hosted the State Commander, Bob Magner, and State Auxiliary President Kathy Walery
for their official visit to our district. Our post was selected to host the banquet for the visit.
Needless to say it took some planning and a lot of team effort to make everything happen,
from waxing floors, buying supplies, set up, table decorating, cooking, serving and clean up.
The State and District officials were quiet impressed as everything came together at the
right time to make it a very enjoyable occasion for our honored guests.

   With the big event behind us, we have some time for some fun activities around the post.
The fun starts with Super Bowl Sunday. The Post is providing party sized sub sandwiches for game time,
and everyone is invited to bring your favorite Super Bowl snack to share.

   Following up on the fun, we'll be having a post Valentine's dinner on Friday 12 February.
I'll be cooking for you and we'll have some chicken cordon bleu and potatoes au gratin.
So, please humor me and join us.

   Saint Patrick's Day will feature our traditional corned beef and cabbage beginning at 1:00 in
the afternoon, so as not to interfere with pool leagues and our other Thursday activities.

   Our March and April post meetings are very important and we need maximum participation.
Nominations for our 2016 - 2017 post officers will begin at our 9 March meeting, so please make every effort to attend.

   The next District 7 meeting will be at Ventura Post on Saturday, 23 April at 1:00pm.
This is the district convention where nominations and elections for 2016 - 2017 District 7 officers will be held.
Being the largest post in the district we control a considerable number of delegate votes,
so let's get out and have an active voice in the future of District 7.

       Clay Cowgill, Commander

Post Officers 2015 - 2016

Commander: Clay Cowgill
Senior Vice Commander: Doug Evans
Junior Vice Commander: Jennifer Jackson
Chaplain: Alan Berry
Quartermaster: Nelson Echevarria
Judge Advocate: Vacant
Surgeon: Bill Forestelle
Adjutant: Karen Cowgill
Trustee 3y: Henry Hottendorf
Trustee 2y: Vacant
Trustee 1y: Jerry Hall
House 3y: Ron Hines
House 2y: Philip Dentremont
House 1y: Jack Salinas
House Appointed: Bill Forestelle
House Appointed: Alan Berry
Service Officer: Teresa McDonald
Officer of the Day: Faigofie Aina