2015 - 2016 POST OFFICERS

Commander:   Clay Cowgill
Senior Vice Commander:   Doug Evans
Junior Vice Commander:   Jennifer Jackson
Chaplain:   Alan Berry
Quartermaster:   Nelson Echevarria
Judge Advocate:   Frank Miller
Surgeon:   Bill Forestelle
Adjutant:   Karen Cowgill
Trustee 3y:   Henry Hottendorf
Trustee 2y:   Frank Miller
Trustee 1y:   Jerry Hall
House 3y:   Ron Hines
House 2y:   Philip Dentremont
House 1y:   Jack Salinas
House Appointed:   Bill Forestelle
House Appointed:   Alan Berry
Service Officer:   Teresa McDonald
Officer of the Day:   Faigofie Aina

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Yours in comradeship,

Clay Cowgill, Commander